Battle of the Faculties 2019
Ticket Sales

Sold Out

The Battle of the Faculties is sold out! No tickets will be sold at the door. Please pick up your wristbands and bandanas at the High School Commons on Sunday, 3/17 from 12-2:00 pm or Monday, 3/18 from 5:30-7:30 pm. The wristband will serve as your admission to the event. Wristbands should be on prior to walking in that night to make the entrance run smoothly.

For Technical support, email Wei Zhao - weizhaonj@ gmail.com
Questions: Please email:
Susan Hammer - suzhammer06@yahoo.com
Lori Hernando - lorinando@yahoo.com

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HFEE is not responsible for the supervision, safety, care and/or well-being of your child at this event.

Ticket purchases to the HFEE Battle of the Faculties are final sale, no refunds will be given. In the event of inclement weather, the HFEE will attempt to reschedule the event and tickets will be valid for the rescheduled date, if any. In the event you are unable to attend the rescheduled date, you have the option to sell or transfer your ticket(s) to another person at face value. HFEE is not responsible for any disputes that may arise from the sale, transfer or loss of tickets, including for the rescheduled date. HFEE reserves the right to request the identities of the original purchasers of the ticket(s) to confirm validity of purchase.

This event is supported by the HFEE.